Renewables peak at 95% of German electricity demand


According to the calculations by Agora Energiewende, due to the weather conditions on May 8, renewable energy generation in Germany reached a new high. At 11 AM local time, renewables covered a record 95 % of the country’s electricity consumption.

On Sunday, May 8, the sun was shining bright on most of the German territory, and the wind was strong as well. Due to the weather conditions, total capacity of PV installations in use in the country reached 26.11 GW. At the same time, the capacity of wind power plants reached 20.83 GW, Agora Energiewende says.

At 11 AM on Sunday, biomass power plants added another 5.14 GW, just as hydropower generation reached the total of about 2.75 GW.

At this very moment, energy consumption in Germany totaled almost 57.8 GW. Meaning that about 95% of the country’s energy demand could be covered by renewable energy sources.

The calculations by Agora demonstrate that conventional power sources were also actively feeding into the national grid. At 11 AM they generated a total of about 11.39 GW. In general, during the whole day on Sunday, power production was surpassing consumption, resulting in negative electricity prices.

On Sunday, between 10 AM and 5 PM, energy prices remained negative, with the lowest of -130 €/MWh reached at 2 PM. Which means that the operators of power plants commissioned under the German renewable act EEG-2014 will not receive any compensation for the electricity generated over this period.

Fonte: PV Magazine

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